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Criterion Auctioneers Ltd


Online Timed Bidding Procedures

We strongly advise you to view the auction in person when possible.

Our sales are all based online and do not involve a live auctioneer.  You will need access to the internet via a computer or Smart phone and having found what you'd like to bid on then:

  1. Register first by clicking here on the sale you wish to bid in, 
  2. View the photographs of the lots and descriptions and request a condition report by email to, then follow the instructions to place your Maximum bid and click BID. 
  3. You can bid online LIVE when the lots start closing from 7pm by entering or increasing your maximum bid should you become the under bidder having been notified by us via email that you are no longer the winning / highest bidder.  We charge you a registration fee of 3.6% inc VAT should you win the lot.

Our bidding platform acts as an automated Auctioneer avoiding the need for a live Auctioneer. The bids are placed for you automatically until the last bid is made unless you've opted to place your own bids during the sale.  All our sales catalogues are live for a period of 4 days and bids can be placed at anytime during this period.  After 7pm if a bid is placed within 10 minutes of the lot closing and each lot closes at 20 second intervals, the sale of that lot will be extended for a further 10 minutes until no more bids are received.  Each lot has a visual counter on screen for you to monitor the duration of bidding time left on each lot.

Please note the following bidding options are not possible when using our timed online technology: 

  1. We cannot host timed online auctions across multiple platforms as they cannot be synchronised. 
  2. There is NO telephone bidding.
  3. There is NO ability to leave an absentee bid as every bid must be registered by the bidder in the bidders name for data security.

The Timed online method gives you the bidder 10 minutes of your own time to make a counter bid, less pressure and total certainty and assurance when you bid with this method.  The technology is not new but more recently has been improved and made more user friendly with onscreen live prompts advising you that you are the leading bidder or the under bidder.  This quick bidding service avoids the need to rely on receiving an email notification (although you will be sent an email for every instruction as well) and allows the user to sit in front of the computer screen and watch the bidding take place giving you a truly live interactive connection to the auction.

This method of bidding has become our preference for all our auctions since Covid19 forced us to rethink how our business works and to make efficiencies that otherwise were impossible to consider working with a live auctioneer and the extra costs of human resource required on viewing and sale days.  


An invoice will be generated after the sale has closed and emailed to the email address you registered with. 

Payment Terms

Upon receiving your invoice there will be two types of payment options, the first being the ability to pay using your debit card via our 3d secure and the second to make a direct bank transfer.

We ask that you settle your invoice as quickly as possible but within 3 days from the sale date for UK buyers and 10 days for International to allow for transfers to clear.  The quicker payment is made the quicker we can release your items and prepare them for collection/delivery/postage.


Please remember when you bid on items you do so at your own riskthe Auctioneer does not warrant or undertake to verify any information about the lot unless it is miss-described.  

Buyer Beware, if you place a bid and win then you are legally responsible to pay for the item even if you made the bid in error or changed your mind. 

NOTE:  Online bids left prior to the sale closing time can be cancelled by emailing, please leave plenty of time to do this as we cannot guarantee to cancel a bid within the last 15 minutes leading up to the sale closing time. 

Only in extreme circumstances where the item is clearly not what is written shall you have the right to return the goods and expect a refund, this must be done within seven days of the auction. 

All lots are identified by their catalogued description and NOT by their photograph(s).

Please see our full Terms and Conditions for further explanation and our Glossary of Painting Terms and Glossary of General Auction Terms.

Please also note, the Buyer pays a Buyers Premium of 26.4% inc VAT on top of the hammer price along with our Internet Bidding Registration Charge of 3.6% inc VAT.  VAT @ 20% is applied only to the Buyers Premium and other charges, NOT to the hammer price unless stated.


Example Pricing

Hammer Price = £100

Buyers Premium = 22% + VAT = 26.4%

Our internet registration online bidding platform fee = 3% + VAT = 3.6%

Total to pay = £130.00